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Executive Summary

There is a uniting challenge with mobile phone users – keeping a constant charge when they’re on-the-go. Cell Phone Charging Stations, located in public places with high amounts of traffic serves as a convenient way to keep consumers charged and connected anywhere they go. When you’re running low on battery, use our locator app, compatible with most smartphones, to find the closest charging station near you. The stations are capable of charging up to 16 phones simultaneously and you’ll feel secure if you choose to lock your phone inside while it’s charging.

The charging station acts not only as a battery charger but also as an interactive digital advertising medium. Advertisers are able to display their video ads along with creating interactive material in conjunction with built in touch screens. Our differentiating factor when it comes to the standard impression-based advertising is our software is capable to targeting specific consumers. This is a highlight for companies because they can reduce their costs and hone in onto the demographic that matter to them most.

We are one of the first companies to offer this type of service to Canadians and our technology is currently the most powerful. In support of Canadian businesses, our product is also manufactured in Canada.

Our end goal is to be the leaders in mobile charging and advertising services. With an optimistic revenue growth trend, we will be able to offer high quality products for our clients and become known across Canada. Sustainability is created through recurring revenues that maximize shareholder value. Our exit strategy is to sell the company to one of the larger advertising firms generating a substantial return for all stakeholders involved.


John Dayao, President
Danny Da Silva, Marketing DIrector
Marveluz De Jesus, HR Director
Akrem MOhammed, Finance Director
Kiri Thavarajah, Operations Director


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